Monday, June 7, 2010

Share the meaning not just the message

If you are like me, you are probably not shopping for life insurance. But that's not why I'm sharing the following interactive PR sample. Of late, I've been looking for examples that really evoke an experience. Ones that exemplify tangibly using various medium (print, video, audio, text etc) to connect the receiver(s) to the experience described. In other words, how can I share the meaning of my experience in a manner that evokes similar sentiments and possibly elicits similar reactions?

This morning, I decided the adjective that best expressed this affect was "sticky."
I realized that the metaphor of a fly hitting flypaper was precisely the image that might communicate what I'm feebly describing in words. I also hoped it might help me further tease out, convey my message and shared meaning. My Google search terms were animated flypaper; and to my surprise, I found a firm called flypaper that literally creates these type of interactive, experiential resonant, online materials. I checked out their samples and fell in love with the one below. No I wasn't impressed until I played a little. So I suggest you move your mouse to Our products on the left side menu, click, and then click again on the now open Life insurance link. If the video in the center of the frame doesn't begin, then there should be a button..but I believe it should open automatically.

At the very least, I hope you laugh.
At best? Share back. Tell me whether this example expresses the kind of evocative experience I'm trying to describe.

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