Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm launching the What Else series to help me focus and be productive.
I'm curious by nature and realizing that I can't let another birthday go by without ...considering the question my father would pose once I had settled for something less than he thought appropriate.
"What Else are you considering?" he'd ask.

Since I've longed to make changes, that would make both my own and others lives easier. In some small way, I'm hoping this page will help me explore new tools, suggestions and motivations that will lead others to make changes too!

My commitment to address my limited productivity or absence of tangible output from a given day's waking hours, leaves me feeling undervalued and unsatisfied.

Rather than lamenting or merely continuing to spiral in many directions, or
reading another book I won't finish, or
making a list that I never seem to fully complete,
I'm opting to make a positive contribution.

The blog will provide a physical manifestation of my information synthesis, analytic modeling and mass communication skills. I will endeavor to engage both my analytic and emotional aspects simultaneously to make it appealing and interesting to fellow viewers. Content will thus reflect my own, or links to others', efforts to fulfill the human desire for recognition, of the value they personally ADD to the collective human experience. This is also a selfish venture as I will be attempting to demonstrate my success in fulfilling my own needs to both grow and contribute to the greater realm of existence.

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